The crisp autumn leaves crunch under your tires, paving the way as you negotiate another technical, schist filled descent. You gauge your time,  the distance and terrain you have yet to experience.

You mentally check your nutrition stores. Your road bike waits for you at the intersection of Falls Bridge and MLK Drive. You’re halfway through your MTB laps. you have trained for this moment.

Cold air fills your lungs as you climb another short steep hill. You mentally prepare yourself to drop into another bar gripping descent. You will soon double back and hit the SRT for an impromptu time trial.

You will finish descending Rock Hill Road. Darkness overtaking the sky. Knowing what you have accomplished in the Greater Philadelphia All Terrain Cycling Classic.

Do it in one day, or do it in 4 days.

A single race or a multi-day self test. Hit the sections for speed or for total cumulative time.

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The Course

  • 5 Sections
  • 120 Miles
  • 10,000+ ft. of elevation 📈
  • Combination of Road 🛣, Mountain ⛰, and Gravel 🍻 disciplines

Full course is currently in-progress.

Distance and elevation are estimates, and are subject to change.

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